This is a great women??s textured handbag. It comes with furry dangles, which are attached to the bag??s handles, along with a decorative leaf charm for good luck. The bag is rectangular in shape, and was expertly designed for maximum storage capacity, and good looks. It is made from our best quality engineered leather, and is 100% cruelty free. This bag is available for purchase in your choice of medium gray, red, dark blue or classic black. It has double handles at the top, as well as a detachable shoulder strap that can be stored inside the bag when not in use. The shoulder strap is adjustable for length. This handbag has heavy texture on the outsides of the bag, which resembles a patchwork-style pattern. It features gold colored trip for added bling. The bottom of the bag is flat, and can stand upright on its own. We feel confident that you will love everything about this great bag!

Textured Handbag – Furry Dangles / Double Handles
$ 32.00

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