World Dryer’s Nova 1 Hand Dryer is the economic and environmental choice. The dryer measures 9″ x 9.7″ x 4″, creating a compact design that doesn’t take up much space. Public Kitchen Supply suggests placing the Nova 1 Hand Dryer in single stall or small restrooms. This automatic hand dryer is electrically flexible, it has a universal voltage allowing it to fit most outlets. Made from die-cast aluminum and white epoxy enamel, the Nova 1 Hand Dryer fits most restrooms while maintaining durability. World Dryers Nova 1 Hand Dryer is automatically activated by infrared technology. Nova 1s motor is a universal brush type motor running at 7,500 . It is thermally protected with a thermostats and one shot thermal cutoffs. This allows the dryer to have a 70 temperature rise. World Dryers Nova 1 Hand Dryer is an excellent choice for gas stations and small diners.

World Dryer NOVA Hand Dryer
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