Superior Performance Stainless steel isn’t just durable and dent resistant. It’s also gorgeous as a home decor material. Many modern kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor patios, and even garage spaces make use of this sleek modern design accent. Now you can incorporate another stainless-steel piece in your kitchen or living spaces, plus the hands-free pedal means fewer fingerprints and smudges compared to traditional hand lift lid trash cans and recycles bins. This design also resists scratches and food stains. This unique dual bin design is really two trash cans in one. The container is separated into two sections with removable individual black plastic bins. That’s awesome because you can easily organize and separate garbage bins and recycling bins all within the same high-quality container. You don’t have to separate the cans either, large families can also double their trash capacity without taking up tons of space with multiple ugly garbage cans. Change both bins at once for a quick cleanup. No more squeaky can opening sounds or crashing lid noises! The hands-free foot pedal has an inner mechanism that connects to the lid for a swift glide opening that doesn’t slam shut afterward. Many trashcan pedals are not properly designed to work sound free when a bag of trash is weighing down on the bottom of the bin. This unique dual bin container alleviates this problem to help protect the pedal mechanism, so it remains quiet and smooth for years of regular use. At only this entire container is designed to be compact and inconspicuous in your living space. This is not a trash can that dominates your kitchen or dining room. The dual bins double the amount of garbage, refuse or recycling the container can hold without drastically taking up more space. This design is perfect for anyone who wants a modern minimalist trash can or who wants to conserve space in a small kitchen, apartment, laundry room or bathroom.

Superio – Large Dual Stainless-Steel Trash and Recycling Bin
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