Robert Sorbyrsquo;s Stebcentre is an invaluable accessory for every woodturner.The Drive Centre is going to be used by all turners who turn between centres. Robert Sorby have their own Stebcentre. When fitted to a lathes headstock, it is good for both the seasoned professional and amateur. The ring of teeth surrounding the patented central spring-loaded point give a good grip without running the risk of possible break-out or splitting. The evenly spaced teeth, also are not as aggressive as the regular drive centres, so do not mark the timber as badly. The Stebcentre can be safely and confidently used on hardwoods, softwoods and even synthetic materials. By slightly backing off the tail-stock the work piece still remains resting between the revolving centre and the Stebcentre. This allows the turner to inspect his work without the need to switch off the lathe. Where time is a critical factor the Stebcentre is ideal as the work-piece can be quickly removed without stopping the lathe.

Robert Sorby Stebcentre 7/8 inch MT2
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