This trash containers modern maple exterior even complements your kitchen while the durable finish lasts for the long haul. Enjoy a spacious, functional kitchen, thanks to the Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Trash Bin.Double check your cabinet’s opening (inside dimensions) to allow the fit. Measure side to side (width), front to back (depth or length), and top to bottom (height). Double check to make sure your product is within measurements and don’t forget to take into account any obstructions (plumbing, hinges, etc.). This item is intended for cabinet openings 15 inches wide. Product dimensions are 15 inches wide x 22.75 inches x 17.875 inches high.

Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Quart Top Mount Waste Container Natural 4WCTM-18BBSCDM2
$ 76.83

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