The 12-inch Frank Lloyd Wright Glenco makes an excellent accent piece. In 1911 Mr. Wright created designs for Booth Park in Glencoe, IL. The stand is adapted from a large brick pedestal designed for the park. Steeped richly in American history, this gorgeous antique oceans world with metal numbered semi-meridian blends together the striking design of Frank Lloyd Wright with the expertise of Replogles artisans, creating a completely unique and one of a kind way to view the world. The 12-inch Frank Lloyd Wright Glencoe World stands a 20 inches tall and features a striking Replogle sphere with a semi-meridian mounting, allowing you to view the antique styled maps without obstruction. This will make the perfect statement in your home or office! Dont miss the opportunity to own one of the most gorgeous world globes ever created by two ingenious forces working together.

Replogle Glencoe 31546
$ 79.96

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