These striking Lending a Hand Bookends will make a simple yet dramatic statement in your home or work library. What better way to maintain your book than with the support of hands that throughout world cultures are used to swear to truths, communicate, protect, and assist. This pair of bookends features hands made of solid brass in a bronze finish, each one supported by a dark wood base. The Lending a Hand Bookends will appeal to those who prefer the traditional but are also looking to make an impact with their decorating style.

This Praying Hands Bookends from the Executive Gift Shoppe are made from solid brass and are a wonderful way to express your faith. They are shaped in the form of hands clasped together in prayer over a black base and they’re enough to keep a firm hold on any number of books. It’s backed by the Executive Gift Shoppe Guarantee of quality, so you know it’s made to last.

Praying Hands Bookends
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