Remote Controller (Fahrenheit and Celsius) Control the temperature of your tankless water from any convenient indoor location with the Rc-7651 remote control accessory. Use the remote to access the safety features and avoid scalding water, as well as dial in a water temperature that suits your needs. Remote Control: Designed for indoor use only, this remote controls the power, temperature and sets the flow meter alarm. Control the water temperature between the 100-180 degree Fahrenheit range, or switch over to Celsius if you prefer. An optional outdoor junction box is available for outdoor water installations. Features: Digital display and precision Easily set water temperature Quick access to diagnostic system Option for temperature lock-out Four U.s. and Canada Introducing the latest advancements in tankless water technology for your home, Noritz tankless water heaters are both eco-friendly and energy efficient, providing savings up to 40% in utility costs. Their gas water heaters warm water on demand, which means youll always have water and it will never run out.

Noritz RC-7651M Tankless Water Remote Control
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