With a Netatmo Wind Gauge, you can know how strong the wind is at your house. The Netatmo Wind Gauge connects to your existing Netatmo Urban Weather Station (sold separately) and uses ultrasound technology to reliably and accurately measure wind speed and direction. The NWA01-WW has four ultrasonic transducers that emit continuous signals, and the Wind Gauge uses variations in these signals to measure the wind. The sensors are sensitive so it’s important to not touch them. With the Netatmo Weather app, you can set alerts to notify you when the wind reaches a certain speed – measured in either metres, kilometres, or miles per second. It can also measure wind speed in knots or Beaufort. Use the optional Wind and Rain Gauge Mount (sold separately) to help place the Netatmo Wind Gauge in the perfect position. You should install your wind gauge at the highest possible point, ideally 1m above your roof so there are no obstacles surrounding it. Track the weather with help from this Netatmo Wind Gauge.

Netatmo Wind Gauge
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