L x 1 in. D, material glazed aluminized steel, gauge 22 baguette, sub sandwich, and bun pansglazed aluminum steel construction, except 11m754, 11m756, 11m760, and 11m762 are made of a high-tensile strength aluminized steel, which makes them stronger yet lighter than traditional pans. Baguette pans have round bottoms to bake traditional french and italian breads. Sub sandwich roll pans have flat bottoms. All baguette, sub, and hoagie pans, except 11k098 and 11k101, have a uni-lock design that connects the frame and panel without individual fasteners or welds. End caps limit the maximum roll length for uniformity. Include americoat plus silicone bakery release coating.

Metallic 42415 Dog Bun Pan, 24 Moulds
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