Professional series gourmet nesting induction cookware the popularity of induction cooking has moved from residential applications to the marine market. Induction cooktops, unlike traditional gas or cooktops, use a magnetic field to cause resistive heating directly in the pot or pan which in turn heats the food. This requires that at least one of the layers on the pot or pan must be made of ferrous metal magnetic. The advantage of induction cooking is, like gas cooktops, that it is instantly controllable, yet the cooktop itself remains relatively cool, reducing the possibility of burn injury. Induction cookware may be used on traditional cooktops or stoves as well. Like all magma cookware, the induction cookware sets completely nest in less than 1/2 cubic foot for convenient storage. Contents: 5qt. Stock pot, 10-1/4in x 4-3/8in 10in saute/ fry pan 2qt. Sauce pan lid for stock pot and saute/ fry pan lid for sauce pan 1 removable handle bungee storage cord.

Magma Nestable 7 Piece Induction Cookware
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