These LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Quartz Tower Heaters are infrared heaters that supplement your home’s heating while cutting your utility costs. These 1,500 watt heaters, much like the infrared heating inside of a toaster, are designed to heat objects in the room and provides a more natural warmth that won’t out the air. Infrared heaters are designed to work in addition to your home’s heating system. These heaters feature 3 quartz heating elements as well as a digital read out and remote control for 12 hour programming. They also has overheat and tip-over safety features. Keep your room cozy without turning up the furnace and save yourself some money this winter with these LifeSmart LifePro Infrared Quartz Tower Heaters.

Lifesmart LifePro 3 Element Infrared Quartz Tower Space (Pair)
$ 80.68

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