CAPTIVA DESIGNS Table Dimension: D28.35“*W28.35”*H24.8″ 11 lbs of blue decorative fire will come with the table. Standard 20 lbs LP propane gas tank is required for this table. Automatic gas cut-off device and push ignition assure the safe use. The built-in space is designed for your LP gas tank. This well-designed table is not only serves as a when igniting it but also serves as a dinning table when you put a lid on the top. The graceful and elegant fireplace is used outdoor or inddoor.50000 BTUs power will give you a long lasting warmth when gathering aroud it with your family or friends. This wonderful fire pit table not only offers the heat and warmth when in Winter,but also bring you the most joyful and relaxing time.

Kitchen Academy 15 Pieces Aluminum Non Stick Cookware Set KA-CS01-005-Blue-1
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