Cook rice, soups, eggs and a wide array of other foods with this Kalorik 10-in-1 multiuse pressure cooker. The efficient design allows for up to 70 percent faster cooking, saving time in a crunch. This Kalorik 10-in-1 multiuse pressure cooker comes with 16 customizable settings, so you can start putting specific meals together right away. Pressure multi cooker Seals in steam to cook food quickly while preserving nutrients and ensuring flavorful results. 8-quart capacity Provides ample room for ingredients, so you can easily prepare large portions. Dishwasher-safe design Along with a nonstick interior allows easy cleaning. 1200W of power For fast, efficient performance. Timer Helps you keep track of cook times. Indicator lights Keep you apprised of the status.

Kalorik 8qt 10-in-1 Multi Use Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel
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