Jean Patrique This whatever grill pan with glass lid is perfectly versatile, it is as agile on the hob as it is in the oven. It will sear, sizzle and grill its way into becoming a kitchen favourite. High-quality cast-aluminium and able to withstand temperatures up to a whopping 250°C / 482°F, with a bonded steel base that heats up quickly and evenly. The pan can be used over gas, induction, ceramic or hobs. Easily switch between the two for that perfect reverse sear or to beautifully braise before slowly roasting. Griddle lines and ridge griddle lines to lock in flavour and extra 4.5 cm sides to keep kitchen counters and ovens spotless. Nonstick surface gets your meals ready with less oil with the great non-toxic, non-stick finish which is next to impossible to rust. Comes with a glass lid that has an escape valve to let out excess pressure.

Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan – Cast Aluminium Griddle Pan with Glass Lid
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