Attractive, functional storage for your fly tying accessories. The Fly Furniture Ultra Thin Box Closet is crafted of beautiful solid oak and holds 6 Wapsi Ultra Thin Fly/Hook Boxes (included). Each clear-lidded box slides into the closet drawer-style, for quick and easy access, and contains 12 compartments with magnetic bottoms—72 compartments in all. Great for hooks, beads, and finished flies. The Fly Furniture Ultra Thin Box Closet is available with empty boxes, allowing you to organize your items as you wish, or fully pre-loaded with an incredible selection of top-quality fly tying hooks. The pre-loaded version contains 1080 premium Lightning Strike chemically sharpened hooks, neatly organized by style and size. Each of the 6 boxes contains 180 hooks in these styles: Fly, Midge, Nymph/Wet, Scud/Emerger, Nymph/Hopper, and Streamerymph; each of the 12 compartments contains 15 of each selected style and size. The boxes and compartments are all pre-labeled according to the included chart. Made in USA. Attractive and functional storage Keeps fly tying accessories organized Beautiful solid oak cabinet Holds 6 Wapsi Ultra Thin Boxes (included) Each box has 12 magnetic bottom compartments Available with empty or pre-loaded boxes Pre-loaded version: Includes 1080 Lightning Strike premium fly hooks Hooks are neatly organized by style and size 15 hooks per compartment 12 compartments per box 6 boxes per closet All boxes and compartments are pre-labeled

Fly Furniture Ultra Thin Box Closet – Closet w/ 6 Boxes + 1080 Hooks
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