Alert yourself and your crew to a dangerous buildup of Carbon Monoxide with this easy-to-install alarm. – Fueled appliances such as galley stoves and heaters can give rise to a dangerous of Carbon Monoxide. Therefore, along with adequate ventilation, it is a smart idea to install an alarm. – How this alarm works:The FIREBOY-XINTEX CMD5-M CO alarm uses a sensor operating with a microprocessor to measure Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels. Using a Time Weighted Average” (TWA) process, it monitors CO concentration, temperature and time to calculate levels of Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb). COHb is the degree to which the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood is impeded by the union of carbon monoxide to the hemoglobin and is expressed as a percentage. The human body absorbs CO easier than oxygen and COHb is the ratio of absorbed carbon monoxide to oxygen in the bloodstream. The CMD5-M alarm calculates this COHb as a function of time and determines the appropriate alarm response. – Key Features – Electrochemical sensor – Immediate and stable sensing reduces false alarms – Sealed lithium-ion battery requires no power wiring – Conformal coated circuit board for added protection – Tested by ETL to UL STD 2034 Marine – Additional Safety Tips

Fireboy-Xintex Battery Operated Marine Carbon Monoxide Detector | for Marine Safety VH3A5W44
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