The Ecostyle line features a wide array of sizes and heat outputs to meet whatever heating needs you may have. This radiator, the B-16.32 ECO, measures 16″ tall by 32″ wide, features a beautiful Italian design, and provides both radiant and convective heat for maximum efficiency and minimal cold spots. The Ecostyle B-16.32 ECO has an enamel finish over steel to ensure that it will stay beautiful for years. Not only is it easy to install and sub-zone, but its flow-regulating valve allows for individual radiator control. Perfect For Any System You’ll find that the B-16.32 ECO is an excellent addition to any system. Ecostyle radiators are compatible with low and high water temperature systems and feature a flow-regulating valve which affords you individual control over each unit. Efficient Heating The Ecostyle B-16.32 ECO contains less water than traditional cast iron radiators. This allows the B-16.32 ECO to begin delivering heat more quickly. The large convector plates make sure this heat is radiated in an efficient manner. Radiant Heat

Ecostyle – 4,337 – Hydronic Panel Radiator – 16″H x 32″W – White
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