A fine durable flagpole made perfect for flying flags in a suburban front yard is the 20-foot residential flag pole that comes with a U.S.-made nylon flag. It is a sturdy residential flagpole presenting anodized aluminum sections, a 3 feet by 5 feet sewn nylon US brass grommeted flag made with embroidered stars, and a 3-inch diameter anodized aluminum ball ornament. It presents a cast aluminum truck with a pulley and a solid braided polypropylene halyard having two strong flag snaps. This set also includes a cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws, a ground sleeve, and five seamlessly anodized aluminum tubing sections in your choice of silver, bronze, or white. This flagstaff takes after the style of a commercial-grade pole with a tapered 3-inch base and 2-inch top. It is an easy-to-install flagpole that anyone can do without the help of an expert or a crane. Hold this flagpole upright by cementing the ground sleeve into the soil. This residential-grade flagpole cannot fly a flag in bad weather conditions. These poles have better wind resistance and are of a higher quality. The set includes a US-made American flag in nylon. It comes with all accessories and fittings needed. This pole is tapered from 3 inches at the base to 2 inches at the top like a grade pole. Other 20-foot flagpole kits have the same 2″ diameter from top to base, making them look like a residential grade. It has an imported 0.051-inch and a US-made 0.049-inch wall thickness This product is easy to install and requires no expert assistance. The flagpole is made with sturdy anodized aluminum sections. Look into our Grade Sectionals that are 2x thicker and weighs 4x for UPS shipments!

Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole with US Made Nylon Flag -3Ft x 5ft-Imported
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