This roaster is part of the Industry from Demeyere by Zwilling. The roasting pan can be used to cook magnificent roasts, casseroles and other dishes, resulting in genuine culinary delights with hearty roasted flavors. The 32 x 26.5 cm Demeyere roasting pan is large enough for you to cook up roasts with vegetables or casseroles for several people. Its simple design, high-quality stainless steel and easy handling make the roasting pan a practical tool for everyday use in the kitchen. Highly set stainless steel handles protect you from getting too close to the roasting pans contents and can be firmly grasped with potholders without any danger of slipping. The stainless steel and the five-ply technology, consisting of five different layers of aluminum surrounding a core, ensure the ideal distribution of heat across the bottom of the pan as well as its sides. It is even energy-efficient when used on smaller hobs, and you can also use it on all types of cookers including induction hobs. The electrochemical Silvinox stainless steel finishing also makes it easier for the stainless steel to be cleaned: Silvinox protects it from hard-to-remove fingerprints and discoloration yet also keeps the material shiny. Belgian designer Stefan Schning is responsible for the sleek, American-inspired design. You can use this roasting pan from the Industry series to pamper your guests and family with delicious casseroles and roasts.

Demeyere Industry 12.5″ Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan
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