Comfort Zone Ideal for use in offices, homes and drafty living areas, this digital quartz offers plenty of power. The heater’s quartz bulbs reflect heat onto nearby objects just like the sun, warming the area in front of the gently and efficiently. The quartz boasts a tough metal safety grill over the bulbs to help prevent them from breaking or coming into contact with flammable items. A built-in sensor shuts the unit off immediately when it reaches an unsafe temperature, helping to prevent damage due to overheating. A large, easy-to-read digital display informs you of the room’s current temperature and a full-function remote control allows for easy temperature control from across the room. Featuring an eco-friendly mode that limits the amount of energy the tower draws, this digital lets you monitor your energy consumption and adjust the heat setting to minimize your usage and reduce your bill. You can also set a timer on this for up to 12 hours with auto-shutoff once the desired time frame is reached.

Comfort Zone Infrared Quartz Cabinet
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