Chicology cordless faux wood blinds delivers as an of innovation and practicality among traditional Venetian window blinds. Manufactured with grade PVC, our cordless faux wood blinds are durable and versatile for any environment. Materials are made from specialized PVC that reinforces resistance to warping and moisture. These characteristics allow you to install them in just about anywhere humid bathrooms, kitchens, living room, bedrooms and more. Chicology’s cordless faux wood blinds are custom made to fit all windows from small to large. These cordless faux wood blinds have an instudry standard 1/2-inch deduction. Simple 3-step installationjust measure, mount the brackets, and fix in the shade and valance. The convenient cordless feature allows you to control the privacy of your home and window light filtration. Its cordless lift mechanism is for kids, providing safety for children and pets from potential cord hazards. Easy to use allowing users to raise and lower the shade to any desired height with a simple tug. Package will include a matching flat valance, color-coordinated tilting wand sturdy trapezoid bottom rail.

Chicology Cordless Faux Wood Blind, Basic White, 70 inch x 60 inch
$ 51.17

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