Bathtub Cushion Bath Neck Rest Pillow Nothing is better than enjoying a long bath after a long and stressful day. It is important to destress and relax once in a while since too much stress is actually harmful to your health. Now, people have different ways of destressing and relaxing that they find most effective for them. However, one of the most effective and simple ways is taking your time and enjoying a long bath before going to bed. This will help you relax your mind and body. But it could also start to get uncomfortable after a while especially in our neck area after lying down on the bathtub for some time. To make your bath more enjoyable and comfortable, use this bathtub cushion. This will provide soft support on your head and neck area so you can lie comfortably while you bath. Bath time will become more relaxing if you use this bath pillow. Non-Slip and Anti-Bacterial You can easily install this cushion to your bathtub since it has these strong and secure suction cups. They are easy to attach to your bathtub and more importantly, they have a strong suction so it won’t fall off or slip once you lie down on this. More so, the cushion itself is soft and comfortable. It also has this non-slip material so you can properly lie down your head and neck on this. Aside from relaxing, this is also a good attachment for elderly and injured people so they can take a bath more comfortably. Also, the cushion is anti-bacterial, resistant to mold, and odor-resistant. It is also quick to so you can keep it clean regularly. Ergonomic Design Aside from your neck and head, this also provides support for your back. The ergonomic design of this bathtub cushion provides the utmost comfort. This is also easy to clean and machine washable.

Bathtub Cushion Bath Neck Rest Pillow
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