The easy slip-on baseboard cover that instantly rejuvenates ugly old, yet perfectly functional baseboard heaters. Baseboarders are the only one-size fits-most perforated steel baseboard covers that just slip over your existing baseboard heaters. Only the original front plate and end caps are removed/recycled. Installation takes a couple of minutes and does not require the use of tools or hired help. The one-piece design uses 22 gauge (0.033 in. thick) galvanized steel that stands up to years of physical and chemical abuse. The pristine semi-gloss white powder coated finish can also be painted with a color of your choice using a roller or spray can application for a custom look. Baseboarders are considered child safe for their lack of exposed sharp edges while blocking access to the heating element from the top. Baseboarders can also be installed in new construction environments or when the original covers have been completely removed and all that remains is the bare finned tube heating element.

Baseboarders Basic Series 5 ft Galvanized Steel Easy Slip-On Baseboard Cover in White
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