AutoFloorGuard containment mats are the and easiest way to keep your garage floor clean. Our containment mats stop just about anything liquid spilled, leaked or dropped from your car from damaging your garage floor! And when you are ready to clean, simply pull the parking mat over the garage and either sweep or hose down the mat. Now park your car, motorcycle, lawn equipment or even change the oil and not worry about any dirt, grime, fluids, mud or snow getting onto your garage floor then getting into your house; thanks to our long lasting garage floor mat protection. AutoFloorGuard has so many uses. It does not matter whether you are a classic car guy and want to work on your new rod and not worry about fluids leaking, or if you live in the North and do not want the snow, ice and mud to be all over your floor. All AutoFloorGuards come with a large built-in 1.25 finished containment edge using a closed cell foam that works in all environments. AutoFloorGuard seams are reinforced and thermal welded to provide durability and longevity. AutoFloorGuard is constructed of Polyester Scrim fabric and ran thru a coating process that allows for the PVC to coat and intertwine with the polyester strands and makes it strong and durable. Our PVC fabric is used and trusted in the trucking industry to handle day-in and day-out American’s toughest conditions. Our fabric is mildew and rot resistant as well as ultraviolet treated to resist fading and prevent fabric breakdown. AutoFloorGuard Fabric has been tested to -40 degrees. AutoFloorGuard is wider than most competing containment mats and has square edges allowing room for many different size cars and trucks to drop dirt, snow and mud and not mess up your floor.

AutoFloorGuard AFGS-7916 Black 7’9″ x 16′ AFG Compact Size Containment Mat
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