Complement your outdoor fire pit with a fire pit wind guard. A windy night can quickly put a damper on an outdoor gathering, Flame Guards provide an additional safety barrier around your fire pit and helps to maintain a central flame during the evening breeze. Designed specifically for outdoor fire pits, all of our flame guards are built to last with fire-resistant tempered glass panels, polished aluminum brackets, and anti-slip rubber pads. Installation is easy, just connect the glass panels together with the included brackets and support feet, then place it on your fire feature. To choose the proper wind guard size, measure your fire pit pan and add 5 inches to the overall dimension. The typical setback distance between the outside of the burner and the flame guard is about 2.5 inches on each side of the burner area of the fire pit. The flame guard placement should sit on the outside of your fire pit burner for optimal performance. Having the same spacing between the burner and the flame guard on all sides will give the fire feature a balanced well-designed look.

American Fireglass Tempered Glass Flame Guard for 30″ x 10″ Drop-In Fire Pit Pan
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