The All-Clad 10″ Copper-Core Fry Pan is a kitchen staple, recommended for searing, , and pan-frying eggs, potatoes, meats, and vegetables. The pan has a flat bottom and flared sides to assist in tossing foods and turning them with a spatula. This piece is ideal for cooking at high heat with oils and helps to develop foods with a flavor and a light, crisp texture. The All-Clad 10″ Fry Pan is composed of a solid copper core, followed by an aluminum insulator, with an exterior made of stainless steel (see illustration in the product images above). This clever configuration confers the supreme heat conductivity of copper, while also having the low-maintenance, rust-fighting properties of stainless steel. An attractive copper stripe makes for easy identification and signifies the quality of this pan. Additionally, the All-Clad 10″ Fry Pan has rolled edges for easy, drip-free pouring, and is engraved with the All-Clad stamp and the pan’s capacity.

All-Clad Copper-Core Fry Pan 10-in
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